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I have spent over 20 years in a Senior Managerial post in the private sector, with responsibility for recruitment in a company employing several hundred people.

This caused me to view literally thousands of C.V.s and, sadly - to appreciate the errors that people so frequently make in the communication of their talents.

I have taken this unique 'hands-on' experience and used it to create a business specialising in helping people to present information correctly but also to get it right first time and to sell themselves in a way which will enable their C.V. to stand out from hundreds which a prospective employer will view.
I also know how ruthlessly competitive the market is nowadays, how quickly an opportunity can disappear if you fail to make a good first impression - AND THAT YOU CANNOT UNSEND A BAD CV.

I can help you whether you are just starting out (see my Personal Statement Service) - if you are at the highest level of earnings and responsibility - or if you need a C.V. for a specialist profession or purpose, such as emigration (see testimonials page).

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