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Job hunting, job applications

across all sections of industry and business fields, including building and construction, planning, architecture, property etc.


Executive cvs, senior job applicants, senior and key sales positions etc.

Help with job applications across all sections of industry, including building and construction, engineering and testing, manufacture, finishing etc.

Services / Prices look

Executive CV

If you are applying for a Top Class Executive Post then you will be expected to demonstrate top class executive professionalism in every respect - most definitely including your CV. I can offer a first rate proven track record in securing interviews at the most senior levels for my clients.

Key and Senior Sales

CVs for Key Sales Personnel have their own rules. The employer is looking for an exceptional individual with exceptional drive, enthusiasm and talent. I'm sure that does describe you but is that reflected in your CV - I can make sure that it is!

Linked In Profile Writing

More than 135 million professionals are now registered with Linked In making it an essential tool for senior professionals to job search through networking, and for building a web of key personal contacts. I can design for you a Personal Linked In Profile which is witty, relevant and informative - making sure that your details are always on-line to prospective employers.

Redundancy and Down-Sizing Support

If you are a public or private sector organisation, faced with the need to cut budgets and implement redundancies, then you may be looking at providing your out-going staff with a severance package which will help them to find alternative work. I have wide experience of dealing with this type of situation effectively and sensitively and can produce multiple CVs for large numbers of people, with varying levels of experience and widely different needs. Prices are quoted on an individual basis but are guaranteed to be competitive.

Personal Statements

In today's highly competitive world learning establishments are increasingly asking for a Personal Statement of your qualities and suitability. An alarming prospect if you have never done it before. I can write the Statement for you so that your strengths stand out in the way that you deserve.

Application Forms

Many jobs of course require an Application Form rather than a CV. And aren't they a total pain to fill in? Especially that section about your suitability for the post. Just provide me with the neccessary details and I will do the entire job for you.

*Executive and Senior Sales CVs  £75.00
*Standard CV  £55.00
*Linked In Profile Writing £50.00
Full Application Form Completion £50.00
Personal Statements     £35.00
Specialist Covering Letter  £20.00
*Annual Review Service £20.00
For the addition of just £20 to the quoted price I will provide a completely free annual review of your CV every year for 3 years.
Downsizing and Redundancy Packages
Tailored to the particular needs of your organisation and very much negotiatable.
Contact me for a free no obligation discussion.

Only after initial communication, and receipt of all your information will I ask for payment, though this must be made in advance of the actual start of work.
I am happy to accept payment by cheque (please make payable to Graham Armitage) - I also accept payment by cash and Bank Transfer, and credit/debit card using Paypal as my payment gateway (you don't have to be registered with Paypal yourself)

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